The Garter

Where did “The Garter” come from?  Well, it all started back in 14th century England.  There was a superstition that it was good luck to obtain a piece of the brides dress.  As you can imagine, many dresses were ripped and destroyed.  Then a very smart lady decided to toss a piece of her dress herself.  As time went on, the garter came about as an article of clothing worn around the brides leg as she walks down the aisle.

Then at the reception, the groom ever so tastefully removes it and tosses it to the single guys who all but race for it…  (I have never seen that happen in all the weddings I have been to).

While some brides toss it and forget about it, other brides have a throw away and keep the real thing.  If you want to preserve the orginial, I would suggest a throw away and if you are a bride who doesn’t care about superstitions, just watch the boys follow it with their eyes as it hits the ground 🙂

Hope everyone had a great New Year!  2010 is already looking busy for Platinum Events!

❤ Brittany


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