Madison’s 11th Birthday!

This past Saturday, I assisted in the planning/execution of Madison’s 11th birthday disco party!  Madison invited the entire 5th grade to her house for a dance party and to dress like their favorite rock star.  Considering they had 50+ kids in their house, showing up in a limo (thanks to Bryan), a karoke room, a rock band room, and a dance floor…everything went smooth and everyone had a lot of fun (even the adults)!

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from Madison’s birthday.  More will come later 🙂

Have a great week!

❤ Brittany

Some actual records and album covers 🙂

A little Elton John and a disco ball.

Madison and Julia in the limo!

All the rock stars dancing away!

Madison’s Birthday Cake (we also had 60 cupcakes for easy clean up).

Two Taylor Swifts and a Katy Perry 🙂

Elvis 🙂

I hope you had a great birthday Madison!!!


One Response

  1. The party rocked! Thanks to you! Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos!

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